Shalom and welcome to all of you who have searched for this site directly or who may have just stumbled across it during your research processes. I am simply a man; one who is honestly in search of the “Truth” that spans a vast amount of various topics concerning life, innocent spiritual growth, pressing secular issues that have taken us to where we are today from where we once were, and useful, manageable knowledge that should help to bring further clarity about Life itself. Please feel free to comment, share, and respectfully debate ANY subject matter that you find listed within this site if you feel that your own contribution to the subject matter may be useful as well.

For many years now (since 2011) I have been on a private quest to discover and uncover many of what some have referred to as “truths protective layers” concerning life. Such truths that directly offer clearer aspects of life itself; both in this existence as well as the existence of the individual soul’s of mankind beyond this realm – is what deeply concerns me the most.

It was around that time in my life when I was somehow convinced and led to FINALLY begin to become MUCH more mindful of my surroundings, so that I might then begin to more realistically make better since of Life in general, and perhaps beyond just a general sense. Over the years I have slowly began to gather and retain vast amounts of pliable research about many pressing topics that mean the most to me concerning life – not just as someone who desires to be able to contribute to society in some positive, and lasting way beyond the time I leave this plane of existence, but simply as a common man; no one special, but just as a man – as a son, a dad, a husband, and as a neighbor among neighbors.

My simple expectation is this: To leave for my offspring something meaningful that they can ponder about life itself and their own as they live it out for themselves; something intriguing enough to be able to compare it with once they too become of mature age. Needless to say I am certainly not at all the same man I once was just 7 short years ago. Before that time I was just another typical “Joe” – going through the proverbial motions of what I perceived as “normal life”; harming no one, minding my own narrow-minded affairs as best as I thought possible, and hoping to do “good” to others based upon my own “conditioned” concept of what that “good” ought to be concerning them “by the environment” through which I was raised.

If it isn’t yet apparent to the readers of this blog at this point by now – it should be mentioned that before such time – I can honestly admit that I knew absolutely NOTHING about how life REALLY functions behind the scenes. Since that time (2011) and onward, my perception of life as broadened exponentially! It is amazing how much more of a perspective can be gained when learning to appreciate the finer details about virtually all aspects of life.

The scope of this site is to freely offer and share such findings with the readers, so that they too may (on some positive level or another) be able to walk away from each visit with a little more clarity about matters that I too have stumbled across – through deep research and using my comparative past during my short 45 years of corporeal existence as a reasonable gauge.

My ambition here is that most readers who visit this site will be able to gather (at the very least) – something tangible that will cause them to pause and ponder and reflect upon the subject matter as a whole.

Shalom to you all. And again – welcome. Please enjoy your blogging experience here and proper sharing of useful knowledge. Please take from this site what you find practicable in a probing sense, and respectfully leave behind the rest.

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Never feel obligated or persuaded to tow, or even expect to grab hold of the “party line.” Instead – take joy in the fact at knowing that ALL things SHOULD, and in most cases, MUST be thoroughly and objectively questioned.

Picture – if you will – that astute and precocious youngster who logically engages a lecture or segment of instruction or lesson or exercise; one who is not reluctant to participate, but is one who simply desires to know more of it — those aspects of it that he/she does not yet comprehend.

Now picture that same youngster who (for no logical reason) – gets blindsided by sidebar comments and slurs from others simply because he/she “questions” various aspects of the subject matter being presented to them.

Regardless of the timing, the way in which the questioning is articulated, the individual asking, expressions, tone of voice, gestures, etc. The point is that – honest questions deserve the opportunity to be returned to them – honest answers.
Anyone (and I do mean ANYONE who openly ridicules honest inquiry) should absolutely NOT be a part of the conversation; not even as a spectator standing on the sidelines.

If a matter (ANY matter) does not settle in your mind as conclusive, them simply inquire further of it. Lend your questioning to others who may or may not already have the same or similar inquires as you have. All that anyone needs to concern themselves with at that point – is the subject matter, and the one or ones bringing to you – said information or knowledge.

Once ANY form of belittling or mocking or dismissive commentary is offered up by someone (ANYONE) in that same moment, then simply disregard their presence and smug remarks concerning your questioning as important or significant, and simply continue moving forward with your honest inquiries.

Life is far too short, and at the same time, extremely FILLED with all sorts of wonderful and revealing opportunities to learn of and grow in and experience positive, new, and enlightening realizations. All that we are expected to do by the One who Created as – is to simply and honestly ASK (as long as it takes for you) – and then to patiently wait for the simple and honest response (as long as it takes by Him).

The fact that we honestly inquired and that we are honestly waiting patiently for the answer – is just about as close to natural innocence as any one of us can get.
SelaH ~  

The Initial Post

FB_IMG_1500191383908For the past week or so I have been contemplating as to what the initial post should entail on this Press site.

As mentioned briefly in the introduction portion of the site itself, I stated that for the past several consecutive years now, I have been rigorously researching a literal swath of material topics that are both deeply relative and fascinating in regards to spiritual and secular issues.

Please allow me to begin to build upon that list of content by publicizing and hyper-linking such substance within this initial post.

Several of these particular titles cannot help but take top positions in my mind regarding their utmost importance; both in terms of precedence and significance. Please know that I will do my level best to try and prove the relativity to them all – as the topics themselves prove their relativity to one another – as all having a rather healthy symbiotic kinship.

I suppose my own top research category at this current time would have to be the honest examination of the ancient Abrite / Hebrew manuscripts.

…which is The Torah – pronounced ToW-RaH – (meaning) The Instruction. The action of Striking/Hitting/Impressing upon (explaining The Mark/Purpose of) Perfectly Inspired Instruction.

To me, this particular study takes center stage and front row/top of the heap positioning when it comes to trying to prioritize my own particular research caches. The reason why this is – is obviously “personal.”

Nevertheless, this particular topic (in and of itself) finds its way onto the world stage as being among the top issues of our time anyway; being that Y’srael (Israel)(as a politically placed and named land base) – and as an apartheid creation of the United Nations, as well as the people who currently dwell in the land called “jews” – has found its way into the corporate media limelight for many decades now – and on a regular basis no less.

-but, more on that entire topic in a later segment.

Other hard-hitting topics (in my opinion) – is the way in which our earthly habitation has been falsely portrayed by today’s latest religion known as “Scientism.”

A quick research on the topic of manmade religious ideologies will reveal that mankind has coveted basically three types of religious trappings; 1) earth-centric Paganism – A definition of a Pagan: A follower of a polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion – (through the spiritual esteem of earth-based deities) which led to and alongside the concept of Polytheism, 2) man-centric Polytheism (through the spiritual esteem of several successful and impressive men; whether king, conqueror, or prophet), and finally in our time, 3) universal-centric (through the spiritual esteem of false scientific, cosmological discoveries, achievements, and breakthroughs.

A quick observation of these three dichotomies – you can begin to notice a very familiar theme… which is the purposeful absence and failure to consider – a single, Divine Creator.

-more on that topic in later segments as well.

Other very pressing and relative topics that dovetail quite nicely with these topics include : heliocentric vs geocentric reality, the fundamental scientific method, accurate historical records and reporting, critical/objective reasoning, governmental control measures, oppressive methods for controlling mass populations, economic manipulation, population reduction/control, conspiracy research, common law vs admiralty law jurisdiction, cult and occult practices, hidden technology, fiat currencies, defacto vs dejure representation, the art of war, the fog and illusion of war (past and present), homeopathic vs allopathic medical healing remedies, secret/covert societal constructs and purposes, exoteric vs esoteric symbolism, etc.

These are only a modest handful of topics that encompasses our world today. Some may find other issues far more pressing than others, but in my short amount of years exposed to these facets of life, I quickly realized that ALL are relative; ALL are synonymous, and ALL are very important pieces of what makes up the bigger picture of real (as well as the not so real) world beneath our feet.
My goal here is to thoroughly touch upon these and many other topics as they become pertinent to the previously presented subject matter; as each post leads logically into the next; creating a flowing thread of content that is both easy to engage and follow along with – as well as help to bring into focus (as mentioned earlier) — the bigger picture concerning Life as we know It — or as we truly desire to know of it more clearly.

Please enjoy the opening post and feel free to comment as you feel led to do so respectfully.

Until next time – Shalom